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Alternative Fuels


Soybeans are one alternative fuel source crop found in North Dakota.

According to the DOE, transportation accounts for 65 percent of oil consumption in the United States and is the main source of air pollution. Oil is a rapidly depleting fossil fuel resource, and countries like China and India with expanding economies are competing with the U.S. for more of a share of imported oil. That, plus the instability in oil-rich Middle Eastern countries underscores the importance of transportation programs. There are several state and federal initiatives underway to make better use of home-grown resources for transportation fuel, to improve the efficiency of transportation vehicles, and to explore alternatives to the gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine.

What's been done in ND?

The Division of Community Services Energy Office has been and will continue to be involved with a number of transportation/alternative fuel vehicle programs and activities, including:


  • Biodiesel demonstration projects and information dissemination;
  • Sponsorship of UND and NDSU solar vehicle race teams, and sponsorship of national solar race through eastern ND in 2005;
  • Funding assistance for the purchase of hybrid gas and electric vehicles for the state motor pool;
  • Continuing sponsorship of the Red River Valley Clean Cities Coalition administered by the American Lung Association, North Dakota chapter in Bismarck;
  • Funding assistance for establishment of E85 refueling sites in North Dakota; and
  • Partial grant funding of GEM and other alternative fuel vehicles for state facilities.

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