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Renaissance Zone Annual Reporting
Information for each city's Renaissance Zone must be reported to DCS by March 1 for the previous calendar year. Please report only on projects that were completed during the previous calendar year. Information from this report is vital in order to provide a clear description of how the program benefits North Dakota.
* First Name 
* Last Name 
* Email Address 
* Phone Number 
* Address 
* City 
* State (abr. - drop down) 
* Zip Code 
* Year in which activity occurred. 
* Number of new businesses created. 
* Number of commercial projects (including purchase, new construction, new lease, rehabilitation and historical projects). 
* Overall number of jobs created through Renaissance Zone projects. 
Average wage per hour of new jobs created.
Average benefits per hour of new jobs created.
* Number of existing businesses in that expanded in the Zone (moved to a larger location or opened a second location). 
* Number of new apartment buildings constructed. 
* Number of units both approved and completed. 
* Number of apartment buildings purchased, newly constructed and rehabilitated. 
* Number of units completed.  
* Number of new commercial buildings purchased or constructed. 
* Number of existing commercial buildings rehabilitated, including new additions. 
* Number of commercial buildings, or space in buildings, leased. 
* Estimated number of new residents in zone. 
* Estimated taxable value of all properties declared as Zone projects, prior to completion of the project. 
* Estimated taxable value of all properties declared as Zone projects after completion of the project. 
* Property value of all projects prior to completion (since zone inception). 
* Property value of all projects after completion (since zone inception). 
Any comments on your answers, or success stories you would like to share?
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