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Renaissance Zone Program


Renaissance zones are a way for communities to invest in and revitalize downtown areas.

The Renaissance Zone  program is to revitalize communities in our state and encourage development through tax incentives. It is a tool to help cities revitalize their communities. By offering both state and local tax incentives for 5 years, both residents and business owners are provided with an incentive to invest in the community. The program is unique in that cities develop handcrafted development plans that address each city's specific goals.

The size of the zone is dependent upon the size of the city applying for the Renaissance Zone. For communities with a population under 5000, a Renaissance Zone may consist of an area of up to contiguous 34 blocks. For communities of more than five thousand population, the defined area may exceed 34 blocks up to a maximum of 49 blocks, based on one additional block for each additional five thousand in population.

The Renaissance Zone must have both residential and commercial properties. Several activities qualify as a project including:
  • Purchase
  • Rehabilitation
  • Purchase (New Construction)
  • Purchase with Major Improvements
  • Historical
  • Lease
  • Leasehold Improvements
  • Public Utility Infrastructure
A Renaissance Zone can be a beneficial tool for community redevelopment and economic investment if properly developed, implemented, and managed. It is crucial that a request to designate a Renaissance Zone is not looked upon simply as a method to provide tax exemptions and credits. The community as a whole needs to be involved in creating a zone and the projects that are approved for the zone need to clearly relate to the long term broader development plans of the city. For a listing of cities with Renaissance Zones - City Contact List.

To Apply
To apply for a Renaissance Zone, a city must first have a locally adopted comprehensive or strategic plan in place, and then create a development plan. Please submit your information using the form below, and we will get in touch with you shortly.

You may also contact the Renaissance Zone Program Administrator Rikki Roehrich at (701) 328-2687. For tax related questions please contact Liliya Montgomery at (701) 328-1296. 

Renaissance Zone Fact Sheet

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