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HOME Program

The HOME Program, created by the National Affordable Housing Act of 1990, is a federal program designed to create partnerships among government entities and the private sector in order to make affordable housing available to low-income persons.

The North Dakota HOME program has two primary activities: home owner assistance and rental production/assistance. This is accomplished through four basic areas:

  • Homeownership assistance
  • Homeowner rehabilitation activities
  • Rental rehabilitation or production
  • Montly rental assistance and security deposits

Federal requirements target assistance to families whose Median Family Income (MFI) does not exceed 80% MFI in a given area (as defined by HUD Section 8 income guidelines). Further income targeting and rent controls are required when assisting rental housing units. See: 2018 HUD HOME Program Income Limits and 2018 HUD HOME Program Rent Limits.

Note: The 2018 Income and Rent Limits for the HOME Program are effective as of June 1, 2018. HOME grantees may not use income limits until the effective date of the income limits each year.

HOME funds may be used as equity investments, interest-bearing loans or advances, non interest-bearing loans or advances, interest subsidies, deferred payment loans, and grants. Projects are required to have 25% match for the funds they receive and CHDO projects must have a minimum of 10% owner equity invested in the project.

To learn more about the HOME Program, visit the HUD Exchange.

Please submit a question to our HOME staff if you would like additional information.  

Program Statements
2018 HOME Program Distribution Statement
File Size: 759 kb

2017 HOME Program Distribution Statement
File Size: 239 kb

Citizen Participation Plan
File Size: 255 kb

Applications for Funding
HOME Annual Application Plan
File Size: 398 kb

HOME Rental Application with Proforma with DCR.xls
File Size: 221 kb

Homeownership Value Limits
FY 2018 HOME Homeownership Value Limits
File Size: 56 kb

FY 2017 HOME Homeownership Value Limits
File Size: 16 kb

Income Limits
2017 HUD HOME Program Income Limits
File Size: 22 kb

Rent Limits
2017 HUD HOME Program Rent Limits
File Size: 33 kb

Underwriting & Maximum Investment Subsidy
HOME Underwriting
File Size: 139 kb

2018 ND Maximum HOME Investment Subsidy
File Size: 73 kb

2017 ND Maximum HOME Investment Subsidy
File Size: 102 kb

Additional Resources
CFR Title 24 Part 92 — HOME Investment Partnerships Program
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Technical Guide for Determining Income in the HOME Program
link off site

Verification of Employment
File Size: 39 kb

HUD CPD Income Eligibility Calculator
link off site

Guide for Compliance in HOME Rental Projects
link off site

Community Action Agency HOME Rehabilitation Checklist
File Size: 21 kb

Real Estate Acquisition and Relocation (URA & Section 104(d))
link off site

HUD CPD Tenant Assistance, Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Handbook (1378.0)
link off site

Monitoring HOME Guidebook
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HOME Five Year Environmental Review Record
File Size: 59 kb

Section 3 Compliance
File Size: 1609 kb

Search for Section 3 Businesses in North Dakota
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HUD Training Material
HUD Webinar - Rental Housing Compliance for the HOME Program
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HUD Webinar - Determining Income for the HOME Program
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HUD Webinar - Using the Income Calculator to Determine Annual Income
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HUD Webinar - Using the Income Calculator for Rental and TBRA Programs
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